Our Purpose

Thrive was conceived to help address the issues of an aging population and the implications on all generations - youth, gen X, and the elderly. Our goal is to use multi-generational interactions through Thrive Connect - skill swaps, online and offline events, and group activities to allow the elderly to remain integrated and independent in society, to relieve the stress on caregivers, and to enable the youth to benefit from the immense knowledge transfer and sharing from the elder generation. By curating these interactions, Thrive engages all generations to make aging fun.  At Thrive we strive to live each day to the fullest whatever our age.


To ensure that the process of aging is managed in a respectful, empathetic, meaningful and effective manner such that the latter phases of life are filled with happiness and inclusion rather than loneliness and disengagement.


At Thrive we strive to live each day to the fullest, regardless of age. Our mission is make the “Third Act,” the phase of aging, one to look forward to and enjoy so that every life feels the satisfaction of being loved and cared for. Thereby enabling our community to remain engaged, curious and happy to live each day to the fullest. 




We believe that every person deserves to feel part of a community. We strive to be the platform that engages elders and helps them extend their network beyond their family and caregivers, while exploring new interests.


Thrive aspires to bridge generations and bring together communities to celebrate the numerical milestones as just that – numbers – and focus on the value of the knowledge and experience that can be reciprocally transferred from one generation to another. 


The ability to accept and understand people and the challenges that come with aging, while being tolerant to the fact that as we age, we may get slower.


Building a community that celebrates the achievements and accomplishments of our elders in all aspects of life.