Thrive Connect

This is a story of Emily and Rami.

Intergenerational Sharing

Emily is a recent graduate from Europe who is starting her own accessories line in Dubai. She likes socialising, meeting new people and is part of a few meetups through which she came across thrive. Emily was very interested in the offering since she was seeking someone with experience in the market, and business intelligence.

Rami has recently retired from the manufacturing industry, where he was responsible for sourcing materials and travelling to various countries. After having worked for 32 years, he was feeling bored and demotivated. Rami has a 35 year old daughter, Sarah, who struggled with seeing her father bored and in front of the TV. She heard some friends talking about Thrive, and signed him up for it.

Thrive helped connect Emily and Rami, and they had amazing chemistry from the beginning. Rami helps Emily bring her business costs down by sourcing the correct suppliers and Emily teaches him Swedish which he excitedly flaunts about during dinner conversations.

Emily and Rami are one example of many thrivers. At Thrive, we can facilitate skill-sharing and experience-sharing across all age groups, for the betterment of the society as a whole.

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