Thrive Technology

For families and independent caregivers, our technology provides a way to track the elder person’s wellbeing through behavioral patterns and interactions with IOT devices connected to the Thrive backend platform. The regularly generated data can inform the support network about the elder person, what he is doing, and how he is feeling. 

For enterprises, this technology can be leveraged to track multiple residents or patients, their interaction with the Thrive app, and the activities and events that are of interest of them. This provides a centralized system through which enterprises can engage manage and improve the quality of life of the elder population by providing more privacy and independence to the elder person, while ensuring that staff resources are used optimally. 

So let’s see how this works for Jerry and his family. 

Jerry is a father and grandfather, who currently lives alone in Boston. His son lives in San Francisco and his daughter lives in Toronto, Canada. His children have become increasingly concerned about him being on his own and they worry about his wellbeing. With Thrive and the IOT technology, Jerry is able to stay connected to his family and ensure that they are not unnecessarily concerned about his wellbeing. Jerry can do the following with his Thrive app:

  • Stay connected by seeing photos and videos uploaded by family members and friends, in real time

  • Easily send ‘contact me’ requests to his loved ones and caregivers when he wants to speak or has a question

  • Sign up for virtual & physical events with his friends

  • Use his Thriv’n check-in to notify his family and caregivers that he is doing well. The Thriv’n check-in can be triggered manually or when Jerry uses synced IOT devices.

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Technologies Partners


Thrive in partnership with Orbital Technologies Inc.

Orbital has been providing expert software development services to many of the world’s top technology companies for over 20 years. They are a software outsourcing partner of choice for development on Windows, Mac, UNIX, Linux and many mobile device platforms based out of Vancouver, Canada.

Thrive in partnership with Warecorp

Warecorp is a Minneapolis-based international web and software development firm. Bolstered by twenty+ years in the software business and a team of over 80 amazing software development professionals, Warecorp is the go-to engineering source for companies and agencies seeking high-quality, visionary development at affordable prices.