Thrive was born to challenge the norm, build tolerance and bridge generational gaps. Our solution comes in three parts: Technology, Events & Activities, and Thrive Connect.  



We provide a platform that integrates seniors, their families, and support infrastructure on a simple and intuitive app. The app enables the seniors to live confident, independent, purposeful lives in the knowledge that they are connected to their support system. 

The platform leverages state of the art, simple and affordable IOT technology, and with each interaction an senior person has with a connected IOT device, the Thrive backend will flag and record this behavior. The server will notify the caregiver(s) and family member(s) when the senior is interacting with the app or with appliances within their home. This provides the support network with the peace of mind that their loved one is safe and well and further allows the senior the dignity of living independently and in safety.  


Events & Activities

Additionally, the app provides access to a variety of interesting classes and events catered to the senior segment, community news, and an interactive photo feed that can be populated in real time by trusted friends and family to help Seniors feel involved and up-to-date with their network. The app provides in-app easy ways of communicating with family, friends and caregivers in one click, making sure that the senior can stay in touch no matter what. 

Within the app, you will find the Thrive Shop, which brings modern, well designed, and curated goods for the senior segment to enable them to live independently, longer and to benefit from access to more stylish, as well as functional products. 


Thrive Connect

Thrive Connect is our signature inter-generational skill-swap platform and service that provides opportunities for individuals from different generations to connect, physically or virtually, to share their unique skills and experiences while developing meaningful relationships.

Thrive Connect is available exclusively to our Thrive Community. Learn more about Thrive Connect through our Thriver’s, Emily and Rami.

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