Making aging fun through hassle-free services and events.





We at ThriveUAE believe that aging should be fun. That people can and should live a full and engaging life - sharing their knowledge and experience, learning new things and remaining independent.

Join us and start living today. 



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To ensure that the process of aging is managed in a respectful, empathetic, meaningful and effective manner such that the latter phases of life are filled with happiness and inclusion rather than loneliness and disengagement.



Our mission is make the phase of aging one to look forward to and enjoy so that every life feels the satisfaction of being loved and cared for - contentment. Making living each day till the last a day really worth living to the fullest.


“The most relaxing and recreating forces are healthy and religious attitudes, good sleep, music and laughter. Have faith in your religion, learn to sleep well, love good music, and see the fun side of life.”

— Anonymous


Personal Services

Thrive was established to provide all the pleasures, services and comforts that you were able to access easily at one time and now find harder to access. Getting appointments may be fine but the hassle of traffic, parking and getting around in a busy city or suburb may put you off. We can arrange for services at your home or make a day trip out of an appointment and arrange your pick up, service, a bite to eat and a drop off. You can also request services with your friends or colleagues and we will provide an end to end service for you.

*Below are a basic sample of services offerred. Please message us if you would like a service that we do not currently offer and we will do our best to try and fullfill that request.

Renewal Mani- Pedi, Cut and Color, Blowdry

We can arrange for an in-house visit to your home for a full range of services. Alternatively, would you prefer to attend one of our partner salons? We can make that happen - hassel free.

Would you like to attend a specific salon of your choice? We can negotiate and plan a custom visit to meet your needs.

Look great, feel great and live a seamless experience.

Invigorating Massage

Treat yourself to a little pampering with a relaxing massage with a certified therapist in the comfort of your home or at our prefrred salon. Let us provide you a service that suits your needs. Take the time you need, relax after the service and enjoy the benefits without the hassel.

Our therapists understand that as you get older your needs change - we can accommodate for the majority of these needs.


The circle of life brings with it changes. Sometimes our lives are very full and sometimes less so. Every humanbeing needs some companionship and interaction. Having a part of life beyond your immediate family helps broaden your experiences, extend your network and learning and gives you much to share with your loved ones. A little space provides greater longevity of the special bond that exists between parents and children.

At Thrive we can match you with responsible people of all ages who share similar interests and who would like to learn from your experiences, share stories and just hang out for the fun of it. Request a companion and set aside time every week or once a month for a coffee with a special individual.