At Thrive, we believe that aging should be fun.
Individuals should feel independent, confident and valued for their experiences.

Thrive was born to support the growing aging population and to challenge the norms around aging. Thrive was designed to help seniors and their caregivers to enjoy connected lives by tackling some of the issues that make caregiving and care receiving fraught with difficulty.

Seniors have the desire to age independently and in place, however, as they become more frail they can feel more vulnerable, neglected and isolated.

On the other hand, Caregivers are often juggling multiple roles - managing a career, children and a household - making caregiving a serious challenge. Without support, the financial, emotional and physical pressure can take a toll.

Thrive is the technology platform to help! Thrive provides access to a community where Seniors can engage with their peers, participate in knowledge sharing, and connect with youth to share their skills and experiences. At the same time, it leverages simple IOT technology for the carer to track the wellbeing of the Senior, thereby reducing stress and providing him/her with peace of mind.

For both the senior parent and the caregiving child, this connectivity and integration of lives helps them build a deeper bond while ensuring that both parties can Thrive.